31 - 01 - 2022

The 2021 Jingdezhen International Ceramics Biennale

'The spirit of ceramics' exhibition Jingdezhen China
Shortlist artists

Mu sculpture: 'Flow motion'



The spirit of ceramics runs throughout China, the motherland of ceramics. As the ancient capital of Chinese porcelain and sacred place of world ceramic culture, Jingdezhen has greatly contributed to the prosperity and development of human civilization, embodying the past, present and future of ceramics.

In 2019, the State Council of the People’s Republic of China approved the establishment of the Jingdezhen National Ceramic Culture Inheritance and Innovation Pilot Zone, which reflects the vision and strategy of the country to accelerate the development of ceramic culture. In order to promote the development of the Pilot Zone and create a new platform for cultural exchange with other countries, the People’s Government of Jingdezhen Municipality and Jingdezhen Ceramic University have jointly established and launched the Jingdezhen International Ceramic Art Biennale. Aiming to closely connect Jingdezhen with the outside world, the biennale will build a new platform for international and regional cooperation, exchange and mutual understanding with ceramic culture as the medium to let the world grasp and feel the China’s responsibility and mission for the prosperity and development of world ceramic culture.

The Spirit of Ceramics: 2021 Jingdezhen International Ceramic Art Biennale will promote the ethical and emotional interaction generated between human beings, clay and fire, art and science. The Biennale will also strengthen the role of ceramics in the integration of multiculturalism, and confront the challenges and future of ceramic art with open visions, great wisdom and all-inclusive minds.