Cecil Kemperink is born in The Netherlands (Almelo, 1963).
As a curious and sensitive child/teenager she followed many art and dance classes. After one year at the fashion academy, she switched to visual arts, where the love to explore different materials was encouraged. After her graduation she started  with wheel throwing and that was the beginning of a deep understanding and eagerness to ‘talk’  with clay.
Her sculptures are connections between her varied passions: textile, clay, dance, fashion and sculpture.
She explores space and plays with rhythm, shape/form, movement, energy and sound. Listen, see, feel and experience what happens when the sculptures move and enjoy the moment.

Kemperink works intuitively. The sculpture grows in her hands. The manual process of connecting the circles gives rise to an attentive, and labor-intensive process. Her sculptures have many appearances. They are more than 3 dimensional;  you can also change the form, hear the sound and experience the feeling when you touch the work.

Kemperink’s professional practice has taken her to exhibitions, performances and catwalk shows. Kemperink has exhibited in South Korea (ROK) -  Mino Japan (J) - Vallauris (F) - and many other museums and galleries. Her work can be found in the collections of: Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF collection), CODA museum (NL), The Foundation for Contemporary Ceramic Arts Kecskemét (HU) and private collections.

"I have a lot of questions; my ceramic sculptures show me answers and at the same time also new questions. How about apparent contradictions and other facts and feelings: form- formless, fragile - strong, earth (clay) - intuition, sculpture - performance, stone – dance, rhythm, space, energy, time, performing and intense attention. I am exploring and connecting. When I am playing with my sculptures; both the questions and the answers appear not that important anymore, they just are”.

Cecil Kemperink works en lives in ‘s-Hertogenbosch NL where she continues to expand and enrich the senses.


Curriculum Vitae 


Personal details 

Name Cecil Kemperink
Studio adress Veemarktkade 8 (ruimte 5141) 5222 AE ’s-Hertogenbosch Netherlands
Tel  0031623836620



profession   Visual artist - Teacher

Private   Married, two fantastic children

Social media







1985-1990   University for Arts and Education Tilburg


Selection of Exhibitions 

2018  Museum De Tiendschuur - Museum Kranenburgh
2017  Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 South Korea - 
         Mino Ceramic festival Japan - Ceramic event Brussel (B)
2016  IKA Mechelen (B) - Kadmium Delft - Artzaanstad - 
         Vallauris (F) - Biennale ceramics Latvia (LV)
2015  Ceramic Museum Westerwald (D) - Cluj ceramics Biennale (RO)
         Performance CODA museum -                                       
2014  JBZ 'S-Hertogenbosch - Kecskemét Hungary 
2013  CODA Museum Apeldoorn - Ceramic Biennal Austria
2012  Pieter Brueghel Veghel - Galery Help u zelven Winterswijk
2011  Museum of The Hague - International Ceramic Keramisto
2010  Ceramic Biennal Zeewolde- International Ceramics Swalmen


Artist in residence Murano GLass (I)



2005- present   Documentary record BKKC

2002- present   Dutch ceramist Association



2018    Winner Artist in recidence Mura glass (I) 
2017   Two Diplomas of Honor Gyeonggi Ceramic Biennale 2017
2017   Honorable Mention Mino Japan
2013   First Price Ceramic jewelry CODA Museum Apeldoorn



2017   Kocef foundation South Korea
2015   'Veil' CODA Museum Apeldoorn
2014   'Perpetuum' the foundation for contemporary Ceramic art in  Hungary



2017   Film 'Big hugs'
2016   Film 'To be continued'
2013   Film 'Big Rhythm'
2011   Film ‘Eb en Vloed’
2010   Film ‘Turning Point’